• Decision Models & Analytics (MBA, Undergraduate)
  • Course Description:
    One of the most crucial skills for a modern manager is knowing how to use data to make decisions. In Decision Models and Analytics, the students will learn how to use modern analytics tools, such as optimization and simulation, to solve complex business problems. The course is hands-on. In class, the students will learn how to model and solve problems from different areas of business, including finance, operations, technology, and marketing.

  • Linear and Non-linear Optimization (Ph.D.)
  • Course Description:
    The aim of this course is to provide a rigorous understanding of Mathematical Optimization as a unifying framework that can be used for making optimal decisions and to study rational decision making in various contexts. The methodology developed in this course is both central and essential to many business-related disciplines such as operations research, economics, marketing, game theory, and finance. Throughout the course, we will study the fundamental theory of optimization by focusing on examples from the aforementioned disciplines. The ultimate goal of this course is to provide students with a foundation sufficient to use basic optimization in their own research field and/or to pursue more specialized studies involving optimization theory.