Applied Corporate Finance (Third Edition)

Aswath Damodaran

Moving back to one of my favorite topics, corporate finance, I have just completed the third edition of the book and it is in the editing/printing stage right now. Any help you can give me on typos/errors and other feedback will be deeply appreciated. To get to the website for the book, where you will find everything related to the book, click here.

Chapters in pdf format (2 MS Word pages per pdf page)

Preface to the book

  1. Introduction
  2. The Objective in Decision Making
  3.  The Basics of Risk
  4. Risk Measurement and Hurdle Rates
  5. Measuring Return on Investments
  6. Project Interactions, Side Costs and Side Benefits
  7. Capital Structure: Overview of the Financing Decision
  8. Capital Structure: The Optimal Financing Mix
  9. Capital Structure: The Financing Details
  10. Dividend Policy
  11. Analyzing Cash Returned to Stockholders
  12. Valuation

Appendix 1: Statistics
Appendix 2: Financial Statements & Accounting Basics
Appendix 3: Time Value of Money
Appendix 4: Basics of Option Pricing

If you have a Kindle, you may find the print in these pdf files a little too small for your display, I have created single page files for the book, in four-chapter pieces below (to keep the file sizes from exploding)
Preface, Chapters 1-4
Chapters 5-8
Chapters 9-12