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Riskfree Rate Treasury rates: US

Government rates: Other

I: 21

I: 22 (For G-8 countries) (Has Brady bond rates)

Risk Premium Historical: US

Country Rating

Implied Premium: US

Country premiums

I: 24

I: 25

I: 31 (Updated data)

Moody’s: (Click on sovereign ratings)

S&P: (Updated data)

Risk Parameters Beta: Market Regression

Bottom-up Beta


Business Breakdown

I: 35

I: 57

I: 58

I: 61 (Updated data) (Updated data: Sector betas) (Segment breakdown in 10-K)

Cost of Debt Bond Rating

Synthetic Rating

Default Spreads

I: 68

I: 69

I: 70 (Spreadsheets: ratings.xls) (for latest ratios) (Check corporates)

Weights Market Value of Equity

Market Value of Debt

I: 73

I: 73 (Type symbol for quick report and check under valuation) (Debt maturity will be footnote to 10-K))

Cash Flows Earnings Checks


Operating Leases

Net Capital Expenditures

R & D Expenses

Working Capital

I: 83


I: 85

I: 88

I: 89

I: 90 (Check details of 10-k, 10-Q) (Type symbol for quick report and check under financials for last 5 years) (Footnote to 10-K) (Statement of Cash Flows) (Statement of Cash Flows) (Statement of Cash Flows)

(All of the above data will also be in an annual report. You can try or try ******.com where ***** is the name of your firm)

Growth Historical Growth


Analyst forecast of growth



Fundamental Growth

I: 106


I: 114



I: 121. 129 (For sector growth) (Type symbol for quick report and check under Growth rates for 3 yr number) (for EPS next year and recommendations) (Type symbol for quick report and check Growth rates for 5-yr projection)) (Updated data for sector fundamentals)

Growth Patterns Barriers to Entry

Stable Growth Inputs: Industry

I: 137

I: 138 (Updated data)
Normalizing Earnings Industry Average Margin I: 199 (Updated data)
Other Valuation Issues Cash

Options outstanding

I: 216

I: 243 (Balance Sheet) (

Relative Valuation Multiples for comparables

Fundamentals for comparables

II (To screen a sector or market by multiple) (click for companies in each sector; you can get fundamentals on each separately in Profile)

Option Pricing Models Valuing troubled firms


Valuing natural resource firms

Valuing patents

III (for debt and maturity) (Updated data: Sector variances)