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Weekly Puzzles: Corporate Finance (Undergraduate) - Spring 2016


This page will carry the weekly challenges from each week of the corporate finance and equity classes this semester.

 Week & Topic

The Corporate Life Cycle

  1. Aging in Dog Years: The Short Glorious Life of a Tech Company
  2. The Compressed Life Cycle of Tech Companies: Managerial Challenges
  3. Microsoft - Historical Data

The set up & questions

Price versus Value

  1. Lawrence Fink's letter to S&P 500 Companies
  2. My blog post on price versus value (from 2013)
  3. A short article on the value/price objective
  4. A YouTube video on the topic

The set up & questions

To diversify or not to diversify?

  1. The Case for Diversification (Markowitz)
  2. The Case for Concentration
  3. The Behavioral Evidence on Investor Behavior

The set up & questions

How risk averse are you?

  1. As stocks gyrate, it is time to measure your risk tolerance.
  2. Measuring your risk aversion

The set up & questions