Andres Liberman


Screening on Loan Terms: Evidence from Maturity Choice in Consumer Credit Credit, Review of Financial Studies, September 2018, 31(9), 3532-3567.
Coauthors: Andrew Hertzberg and Daniel Paravisini
Abstract | Working Paper version

The Labor Market Effects of Credit Market Information, Review of Financial Studies, June 2018, 31(6), 2005-2037.
Coauthors: Marieke Bos and Emily Breza
Editor's Choice
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Financial Contracting and Organizational Form: Evidence from the Regulation of Trade Credit, Journal of Finance, February 2017, 72(1), 291-324.
Coauthor: Emily Breza
Brattle Group Prize for Best Paper in Corporate Finance in the Journal of Finance, First Prize, 2017
Charles River Associates Award for Best Paper on Corporate Finance, WFA 2015
Abstract | Working Paper version | Internet Appendix | Blog

The Value of a Good Credit Reputation: Evidence from Credit Card Renegotiations, Journal of Financial Economics, June 2016, 120(3), 644-660.
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Working papers

Measuring Bias in Consumer Lending
Coauthors: Will Dobbie, Daniel Paravisini, and Vikram Pathania
Abstract | Paper

The Equilibrium Effects of Information Deletion: Evidence from Consumer Credit Markets
Coauthors: Chris Neilson, Luis Opazo, and Seth Zimmerman
Abstract | Paper | Internet Appendix

Debt and Human Capital: Evidence from Student Loans, Revise and resubmit, Journal of Financial Economics
Coauthors: Slava Fos and Constantine Yannelis
Best Paper Award, LBS Summer Finance Symposium 2017
Abstract | Paper

High-Cost Debt and Perceived Creditworthiness: Evidence from the U.K., Revise and resubmit, Journal of Finance
Coauthors: Daniel Paravisini and Vikram Pathania
Abstract | Paper

Work in Progress

The Effect of Information on Credit Market Competition: Evidence from Credit Cards
Coauthors: Fritz Foley, Agustin Hurtado, and Alberto Sepulveda
Abstract | Paper (coming soon)