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Handout Topic
Chapter 1 Confidence Intervals for the Mean;
Known Variance
Chapter2 Confidence Intervals for the Mean;
Unknown Variance
Chapter 3 Hypothesis Testing
Chapter 4 More Hypothesis Testing
Chapter 5 p-Values
Chapter 6 The Power Function
Chapter 7 The Neyman-Pearson Lemma
Chapter 8 Uniformly Most Powerful Tests
Chapter 9 Simple Linear Regression
Chapter 10 More Simple Linear Regression
Chapter 11 Simple Linear Regression III
Chapter 12 Simple Linear Regression IV
Chapter 13 Simple Linear Regression V
Chapter 14 Simple Linear Regression VI
Chapter 15 Multiple Regression, Introduction
Chapter 16 Multiple Regression, Key Theory
Chapter 17 Inference For Multiple Regression
Chapter 18 Model Selection
Chapter 19 Multicollinearity
Chapter 20 Generalized Least Squares
Chapter 21 One-Way Analysis of Variance
Chapter 22 Multiple Comparisons