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Handout Topic
1. Introduction 1 What Is Statistics?
2. Introduction 2 Methods of Data Collection
3. Charts Graphical Summaries of Data
4. Descriptive Statistics Descriptive Statistics
5. Standard Deviations Standard Deviations
6. Risk Risk and Randomness
7. Probability 1 Probability Theory
8. Probability 2 More Probability; Independence
9. Distributions Discrete Probability Distributions
10. Expect Expected Value and Variance For Discrete Random Variables
11. Count Counting Rules
12. Binomial The Binomial Distribution
13. Streak Winning and Losing Streaks
14. Continuous Continuous Distributions
15. Normal The Normal Distribution
16. Approx The Normal Approximation
To The Binomial Distribution
17. Sampling Sampling And Statistical Inference
18. CI(1) Confidence Intervals, Introduction
19. CI(2) Confidence Intervals For The
Mean; Known Variance
20. CI(3) Confidence Intervals For The
Mean, Unknown Variance
21. CI(4) Confidence Intervals
For Proportions
22. HTests1 Hypothesis Testing
23. HTests2 More Hypothesis Testing
24. HTests3 p-Values
25. HTests4 Advanced Hypothesis Testing
26. Reg1 Simple Linear Regression I
27. Reg2 Simple Linear Regression II
28. Reg3 Simple Linear Regression III
29. Reg4 Simple Linear Regression IV
30. Reg5 Simple Linear Regression V
31. Reg6 Simple Linear Regression VI: Leverage and Influence
32. Reg7 Multiple Regression
33. Reg8 Inference For Multiple Regression
34. Reg9 Testing Whether The Model is Useful for Predicting y