What are Stern Cohorts?

From the moment students arrive on campus, the Stern Cohort Program provides them with a community of friends and a network of support. Every freshman class is divided into 10 cohorts, each with 50-60 students. Throughout the course of your four years, you will have the opportunity to enjoy social events both on and off campus, professional development forums, corporate visits, and a variety of other exciting programming with members of your cohort. Through each event and every moment together, the cohort will grow as a unique network of friends, classmates, and future professional contacts.

The 2013-2014 Cohort Directors

Chelsea: Paula Ghosh
East Village: Preeyam Ghandi
Financial District : Abigail Pereira
Gramercy: Thomas McIntyre Schultz
Lower East Side: Caleb Ferguson
Midtown: Greg Starikovsky
Murray Hill: Yannan Qiu
Soho: Olivia Zhang
Tribeca: Dawn Cheng
West Village: Andy Wu

Chelsea: ChiChi Lu
East Village: Priyanka Sathyaprakash
Financial District: Chandler Park
Gramercy: Calvin Chang
Lower East Side: Whitney (Simin) Zhou
Midtown: Jennifer Lou
Murray Hill: Gurpreet Singh / Sonia Zhang
Soho: Nina Yun / Lorenzo Azevedo
Tribeca: Wiley (Huai Yu) Xu
West Village: Emily Tung

Chelsea: ChiChi (Yueqi) Lu
East Village: (Pending Elections)
Financial District: Jesse Yu / Sarah Wu
Gramercy: Emily Zhang
Lower East Side: (Pending Elections)
Midtown: Mihir Mehta
Murray Hill: Teri Tan
Soho: Shan Yee Chan / Alex Zhang
Tribeca: Aggie Zhang / Megna Narasimhan
West Village: Subeg Singh / Mathew Roy

Chelsea: (Pending Elections)
East Village: (Pending Elections)
Financial District: (Pending Elections)
Gramercy: (Pending Elections)
Lower East Side: (Pending Elections)
Midtown: (Pending Elections)
Murray Hill: (Pending Elections)
Soho: (Pending Elections)
Tribeca: (Pending Elections)
West Village: (Pending Elections)

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