Advice for MBA students

This is one of a collection of advice pages, all of them with the same theme: get skills, especially quant skills, they pay off. They include advice for undergrads, advice for MBAs (this one), and information for people who are thinking of applying to PhD programs in economics or finance. None of this represents the official view of the Department or School, but we (meaning my colleagues and I) believe them to be accurate, maybe even useful. Comments, of course, are welcome.

In all cases, remember: free advice is worth what you paid for it. Do your own homework, it's good practice whatever you end up doing.

What can an MBA program do for me?

How can I use the MBA program effectively?

Take a long-term perspective, you're near the start of what we hope will be a rewarding life and career over several decades. Focus on your classes. Don't obsess about jobs.

Should I get involved in extra-curricular activities?

What can I do to make myself attractive to recruiters?

What kind of company should I work for?

An MBA sets you up to get good work experience. Take a job with a good company that will give you the experience to ...

Should I join a startup or start my own company?


Should I take an unpaid internship to get experience?

"Get some skills"

* Take a long-term perspective.

* Get some skills.

* Don't panic over jobs.

* Get a job with a good company.

* Don't run a conference

* Unpaid internships

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