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Media Coverage:


Melissa Harris-Perry Show - 04/12/2015 (Reddit CEO bans salary negotiations)
New York Times - 03/24/2014 (Prepare before Negotiating)
Ideas Never Sleep (How Data Enlighten our Understanding of Racial Bias)
Ending Institutional Corruption (Dolly appears from minute 5-30)

Print and Web Media:

When Whites Just Don't Get It, Part 6, The New York Times, -4/2/16
Hidden Brain: Students and Teachers, NPR, -10/13/15
Professors Are More Responsive to Prospective Ph.D. Students Who Are White and Male, The Chronicle of Higher Education -4/17/15
Faculty Prefer Women for Tenure-Track STEM Positions, U.S. News & World Report, -4/13/15
Why I'm Glad My Last Name Isn't Kim, Lee or Park, Huffington Post, - 12/9/2015
100 Most Influential in Business Ethics - 2014 (Ethisphere Magazine)
Sexism and Science Go Hand in Hand - 09/03/2014 (US News and World Report)
Harassment in Science, Replicated,The New York Times -08/11/2014
Workplace Sexism Starts at Home: Study, NBC News - 06/30/2014
Professors Are Prejudiced, Too, The New York Times - 05/09/2014 (Sunday NYT Op-Ed by Chugh, Milkman, and Akinola)
Deep-Seated Bias, Not Lack of Confidence, Knocks Women Off The Path to Success, The Washington Post - 04/28/2014
Sex and Race Discrimination in Academia Starts Even Before Grad School, Scientific American - 04/27/2014
Discrimination Starts Even Before Grad School, Study Finds, Nature - 04/25/2014
The Bias for White Men, Inside Higher Ed - 04/24/2014
Tips for Finding a Great Mentor: Be White and Be Male, Slate - 04/23/14
Evidence of Racial, Gender Biases Found in Faculty Mentoring, NPR - 04/22/2014
Moving Past Gender Barriers to Negotiate a Raise, The New York Times - 03/24/2014
Timing is Something, The Economist - 08/06/2012
Is your colleague's stay-at-home wife holding you back?, The Washington Post - 05/18/2012
Discrimination in the Workplace Against Women May Depend on Men's Marital Structure, The Huffington Post - 05/17/2012
Are Women Held Back by Colleagues' Wives?, Harvard Business Review - 05/16/2012
New Study Links Traditional Marriage to War on Women, The Huffington Post - 04/03/2012
Something for the weekend, The Financial Times - 03/30/2012
When It Really Counts, Qualifications Trump Race, The New York Times - 11/16/2008
What's in the Journals, September 2007, The Economist - 09/20/2007
What's in the Journals, January 2006, The Economist - 01/30/2006