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I am an Assistant Professor at the Management and Organizations Department at Stern and a Visiting Scholar at the United States Patent and Trademark Office. 

My research focuses on the the challenges posed by innovation (i.e. the production and commercialization of new ideas) to business strategy, entrepreneurship, and public policy. 

I teach courses on Competitive Strategy and Corporate Strategy at the graduate level at Stern.

Working Papers

“Asymmetric information and contracts in the market for ideas: evidence from the licensing of biomedical inventions” (revision invited)

“The Political Economy of Publicly Funded Biomedical Research: Evidence from NIH Funding for Rare Diseases” (with Bhaven Sampat)

"The effect of ethnicity-based social capital on venture capital investments” (with Justin Tumlinson)

Work in Progress

“The disclosure effect of patents: evidence from the American Inventor’s Protection Act of 1999”

“The management of intellectual property: a study of IBM’s disclosure strategies and their effects during 1981-2005” (with Ajay Bhaskarabhatla)

“Funding and performance at the US Patent Office”

“Incentives and Patent Examiner Behavior” (with Kyle F. Herkenhoff)

Published Papers

“Political influence behind the veil of peer review: an analysis of public biomedical research funding in the U.S.” Journal of Law and Economics, 52(4) p.665-690, Nov 2009.
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“Applicant citations, examiner citations, and the private value of patents” Economics Letters, 5(3) p.287-289, 2009 (with Bhaven Sampat)

“Pioneering inventors or thicket-builders: which firms use continuations in patenting?” Management Science 55(7) Jul 2009 (with David C. Mowery & Stuart H. Graham).
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“Politics and funding in the U.S. public biomedical R&D system” Science Vol. 322(5909) p.1797-98, Dec 2008 (with David C. Mowery).
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“Maturation of global corporate R&D: evidence from the activity of U.S. foreign subsidiaries” Research Policy 37(3) p.390-406, Apr 2008 (with Diana Hicks)
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“Knowledge, technology trajectories and innovation in a developing country context: evidence from a survey of Malaysian firms” International Journal of Technology Management 40(4) p.349-370, Dec 2007 (with Philip Shapira)
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“Public and private universities: Unequal sources of regional innovation?” Economic Development Quarterly 19(4) p.373-386, Nov 2005
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“Highly innovative small firms in the markets for technology” Research Policy 34(5) p.703-716, Jun 2005 (with Diana Hicks)
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