Published Papers

Bidding Rings

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    Related Stuff: A sub-sample of the data , Online Appendix
    Press: The Economist: Free Exchange

Leniency and Post-Cartel Market Conduct: Preliminary Evidence from Parcel Tanker Shipping
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Procurement when Both Price and Quality Matter
RAND Journal of Economics, v41(1) pp 1-34, 2010. (with Estelle Cantillon)
    Related Stuff: Proofs and Derivations; Matlab Code

Properties of Scoring Auctions
RAND Journal of Economics, v39(1), pp 69-85, 2008. (with Estelle Cantillon)

Subsidizing (and Taxing) Business Procurement
Journal of Public Economics, v92(7), pp 1630-1643, 2008.
    Related Stuff: Correction

Teaching Auction Strategy using Experiments administered via the Internet
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    [Reprinted in Cason, Timothy and Charles Noussair (Eds), Advances in Experimental Markets, Springer-Verlag, Berlin, pp 131-158, 2001]