Jiawei Zhang

Associate Professor of Operations Management
Department of Information, Operations, and Management Sciences

Stern School of Business
New York University

Curriculum Vitae


Recent Papers (since 2008)

Process Flexibility

       Optimal Sparse Designs for Process Flexibility via Probabilistic Expanders (with Xi Chen and Yuan Zhou), Operations Research, submitted, 2014.

       Process Flexibility: A Distribution-Free Bound on the Performance of K-Chain (with Xuan Wang), Operations Research, submitted, 2013.

Appointment Scheduling

       Appointment Scheduling with Limited Distributional Information (with Ho-Yin Mak and Ying Rong), Management Science, accepted, 2013.

       Sequencing Appointments for Service Systems Using Inventory Approximations (with Ho-Yin Mak and Ying Rong), M&SOM, accepted, 2013.

       A Note on Appointment Scheduling with Piecewise Linear Cost Function (with Dongdong Ge, Guohua Wan, Zizhuo Wang), Mathematics of Operations Research, accepted, 2013.

Cooperative Inventory Games

       Polymatroid Optimization, Submodularity, and Joint Replenishment Games (with Simai He and Shuzhong Zhang), Operations Research, 60(1), pp. 128-137, 2012.

       A Stochastic Programming Duality Approach to Inventory Centralization Games (with Xin Chen), Operations Research, Vol. 57, pp. 840-851, 2009.

       Cost Allocation for Joint Replenishment Models, Operations Research, Vol 57, No. 1, pp. 146-156, 2009.


       Optimizing Product Launches in the Presence of Strategic Consumers (with Ilan Lobel, Jigar Patel, Gustavo Vulcano), Management Science, under major revision, 2013.

       Design of Price Mechanisms for Network Resource Allocation via Price of Anarchy (with Ying-Ju Chen), Mathematical Programming, 131(1-2), pp. 333-364, 2012.

       Bounding Probability of Small Deviation: a Fourth Moment Approach (with Simai He and Shuzhong Zhang), Mathematics of Operations Research, Vol. 35, pp. 233-256, 2010.

       Stochastic Combinatorial Optimization with Controllable Risk Aversion Level (with Man-Cho So and Yinyu Ye), Mathematics of Operations Research, Vol. 34, pp. 522-537, 2009.

       A unified theorem on SDP rank reduction (with Man-Cho So and Yinyu Ye), Mathematics of Operations Research, Vol. 33, No. 4, pp. 910-920, 2008.

       A linear decision-based approximation approach to stochastic programming (with Xin Chen, Melvyn Sim, and Peng Sun), Operations Research, Vol. 56, No. 2, pp. 344-357, 2008.


       Advanced Decision Models, (MBA/Undergraduate Course), Syllabus

       Decision Models, (MBA/Undergraduate Course), Syllabus

       Submodularity and Its Applications (PhD Course, also titled as Supply Chain Optimization) Syllabus

       Convex Optimization, (PhD Course) Syllabus

Research Interests:

       Methodologies: Mathematical Programming, Combinatorial Optimization, Optimization under Uncertainty

       Applications: Supply Chain Optimization, Health Care Operations, Process Flexibility, etc.



       NSF Grant (PI): "Collaborative Research: Optimization Approach to Collaborative Games in Supply Chain Management", 2007-2010.

       NSF Grant (Co-PI): "Collaborative Proposal: A Framework For Integrating Production Scheduling With Inventory Control" (with Michael Pinedo), 2006-2009.

       INFORMS Optimization Prize for Young Researchers, October 2004.


Professional Service:

       Associate Editor: Mathematics of Operations Research, 2009 - present.

       Associate Editor: Operations Research, 2006 - present.

       Committee Member, George E. Nicholson Student Paper Competition, 2007, 2008.

       Referee: Management Science, MSOM, Mathematical Programming, Operations Research, SIAM Journal on Computing, SIAM Journal on Optimization, etc.


Contact Information
Mailing Address: 44 West 4th St., Suite 8-66, New York, NY, 10012-1126
Email: jzhang (at) stern.nyu.edu

TEL: 212-998-0811