Professor Kose John
Spring 2002

Corporate Finance

Course Syllabus and Overview
Lecture Notes
Lecture Notes #1
Lecture Notes #2
Lecture Notes #3
Problem Set
Solutions to Problem Set
APV-WACC problems
Solutions to APV-WACC problems
Superproject Case Questions
Superproject-Modified Exhibit#6
Marriott Case Questions
Guidelines for Exam Preparation
Past Finals
Solutions to Past Finals
Lecture Slides
Session 1: Managerial objective/Valuation rules
Valuing bonds and stocks
Valuing a business
Session 2: Risk and return
Measuring beta
Session 3: Capital budgeting
NPV, IRR and Equivalence
Real options, Decisions trees
Session 4: Capital structure
Corporate taxes, Personal taxes
Adjusted present value
Session 5: Corporate Financing
Corporate governance in different countries