litetrash - a light-weight trash can for some UNIX systems.

What this page is about:

This is the homepage of litetrash, the shared library which, when preloaded, implements a trash can under (at least) GNU/Linux and Solaris. litetrash works in the same way as libtrash (namely, by intercepting function calls which might lead to accidental data loss), however it has virtually no configuration options and will hopefully compile on any UNIX system.

[If you are on GNU/Linux and are looking for more configuration options, you might want to go with libtrash instead.]

litetrash was written by Manuel Arriaga and is available as free software: it is distributed under the terms of the GPL.

Version 1.0 can be downloaded from here.

To ask questions, suggest modifications or report bugs just email me (email address found at the bottom of the page).

News: (22/05/2005)

Initial release!

Manuel Arriaga - Email me at marriaga followed by @ stern . nyu . edu