Dr. Nikolaos I. Georgikopoulos (BSc, Diploma, MSc, Ph.D.)


Financial Economist


Visiting Research Professor at New York University - Stern School of Business

Senior Research Associate at KEPE


Dr Nikolaos Georgikopoulos is a visiting research Professor at New York University - Leonard N. Stern School of Business since August 2012 and a senior research fellow in financial economics at the Centre of Planning and Economic Research (KEPE) in Athens since 2007. KEPE is the largest economic research institute in Greece and operates under the supervision of the Ministry for Development, Competitiveness, Infrastructure, Transport and Networks. His main activities at KEPE are focused on applied research concerning the Greek economy, on the study of economic conjuncture and on the provision of advisory services to the government on issues of economic analysis and policy. He was recently the main coordinator of three research projects assigned to KEPE by the Greek state: a) Investment Opportunities in Greece:  The path to Recovery and Sustainable Growth, which was submitted to the Prime Minister’s Office (Athens, February 2013), b) The Impact of Electronic Transactions on Tax Revenues, which was submitted to the Hellenic Parliament (Athens, November 2011), and c) Investment Opportunities in Greece, which was submitted to the Ministry of Development, Competitiveness and Shipping (Athens, September 2011). Additionally, he is currently (September 2013) the research coordinator and the project manager of the first research project commissioned at KEPE by an international company to examine the illicit tobacco trade in Greece and the negative consequences to the Greek economy. 


Dr Georgikopoulos is also a part-time lecturer at London Metropolitan University, affiliated with the STORM research centre (Statistics, Operational Research and Mathematics). In addition, he is an external senior associate research fellow of Professor Nicos Christofides, Imperial College London. Between 2007 - 2012,  he had been a visiting scholar at New York University - Leonard N. Stern School of Business. He was also the Head of information technology at KEPE from January 2011 - June 2013.


Dr. Georgikopoulos is a founding member of the Society for Financial Econometrics (SoFiE), based at New York University - Stern School of Business, whose founding Co-President is Prof. Robert Engle (2003 Nobel Prize in Economics). He has also been attending the Committee on Financial Markets at the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) since 2009.


Prior to joining KEPE, he occupied the following posts:


Financial Research Consultant at the Centre for Quantitative Finance, at Imperial College London.


Financial Research Project Manager at Bevlodge Limited (London).


Financial Adviser at KT & SS Ltd (London).


Quantitative Risk Analyst at Xenomorph Software Ltd.  (London).


Financial Researcher & Assistant Trader at Barclays – BZW (London).


Assistant lecturer in Mathematics and Finance, at Imperial College London.


He received his B.Sc. (First-Class Honours) in Mathematics from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece. His first post-graduate degree, Master of Science in Mathematical Finance, was obtained from the University of Oxford, UK. He has obtained a Diploma in Quantitative Finance from the Centre for Quantitative Finance (CQF) at Imperial College London, UK. He also holds a Ph.D. in Finance, from the Business School at Imperial College London. He was a Post-Doctoral academic scholar at Stern School of Business, NYU, USA.


His current research is in the field of finance. Among his other interests are risk management, quantitative finance, banking and investment. He has published research papers in the field of mathematical modelling, finance and risk management. He wrote many articles in widely circulated economic and financial magazines and newspapers, regarding the current financial crisis and the Greek banking system. He co-authored three books in shipping, market competition and government bond yields spreads. He was a main speaker and/or participated in roundtables in many international and Greek financial conferences.


He is currently collaborating on a variety of research projects with emeritus Prof. Nicos Christofides (Imperial College London) on the capital structure of the European banks and their financial risks, Prof. Mikis Stasinopoulos (London Metropolitan University, UK) on the development of the Greek - German government bond spreads, as well as Dr. Jose Barrionuevo (StormHarbour - NY), Dr. Emmanuel Hatzakis (UBS - NY) and Dr. Guillermo Nielsen (former secretary of finance of Argentina) on the Greek sovereign debt sustainability.

Prof. Robert Engle (right) - 2003 Nobel Prize in Economics.

Prof. Eric Ghysels (left) - University of North Carolina.

Prof. Darrell Duffie.

Stanford University

Prof. Charles Plosser.

President of the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia.


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KEPE,  Amerikis 11 Str.,  Athens 106 72 - Greece.  E-mails: nikolaos@stern.nyu.edu  nikolaos@imperial.ac.uk  nikolaos@kepe.gr

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Panellist representative of KEPE at the conference

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