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The Wall Street Journal Interactive Edition -- December 16, 1996

What Makes an Economy Grow?

The 1997 Index of Economic Freedom is an indispensable guide for the global investor who wants to understand why some countries prosper and others lag behind. From the top of the list -- Hong Kong, Singapore, Bahrain--to the bottom--Cuba, Laos, North Korea--the Index proves that growth depends on how open an economy is and how free its markets are. It is published jointly by the Heritage Foundation and The Wall Street Journal.


The Index is also a practical reference on tax rates, foreign investment codes, banking, trade policy, property rights and more in 150 countries from Albania to Zimbabwe. With individual chapters on each economy, the Index is a handy guide to emerging markets--whether you need to know Argentina's rate of inflation, Estonia's corporate tax rate, or the size of Vietnam's black market.

496 pages--Paperback--$24.95

(plus $7.75 for shipping & handling in the U.S. or $23 for air delivery world-wide)

To order in the U.S., call: 1-800-975-8625

Outside the U.S., fax: 1-413-598-2259 (Include your name, address, fax number and credit card information.)


Foreword by Robert L. Bartley, editor of The Wall Street Journal.

Executive Summary, by Kim R. Holmes and Bryan T. Johnson of the Heritage Foundation and Melanie Kirkpatrick of The Wall Street Journal.

Rankings: How 150 countries score.

Sampler: Hong Kong (#1), Czech Republic (#11), Chile (#22), Russia (#122), China (#125).

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