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Cybersightings: Our latest pick of EMU sites

This is a selection of new or interesting sites chosen by's Cybersightings editors as being worth a look
The Euro:
Every good currency needs its symbol. The Euro's is a circular-looking E with two short horizontal parallel lines through it. Get your keyboard to produce that! The Project Euro site is calling for solutions.

The European Monetary Institute web site provides an overview of the institute and contact addresses.

The Association for the Monetary Union of Europe is a lobbying group for the establishment of monetary union backed by many European companies. Its web site has a monthly online EMU newsletter.

UK Citizens Online Democracy is running an EMU and Britain debate. It has a set of background papers and resources.

Papers and speeches:
The Bank of International Settlements' archive of central bankers' speeches contains several on EMU topics, including one by Hans Tietmeyer, president of the Bundesbank. The speeches can all be downloaded as Acrobat files.

European Monetary Union: Implications, Opportunities and Challenges is the text of a speech given by Richard Fuld, chairman of Lehman Brothers

International Economics Working Paper 9208: Costs and Benefits of EMU by Wilfried Fuhrmann, University of Potsdam

Center for Economic Research Discussion Paper: Designing Fiscal and Monetary Institutions for a European Monetary Union

The European Bond Commission is building a database of abstracts of EMU papers

Hugo Paemen, the EU ambassador to Washington, and Fred Bergstein, president of the Institute for International Economics, discuss EMU and its impact on the US on National Public Radio's Talk of the Nation phone in programme. This is a RealAudio file.

JP Morgan's EMU calculator makes a league table of the financial markets' expectations that any given country will participate in monetary union.

The Bundesbank web site has a European Monetary Union FAQ list in English.

Martin Ricketts, an EMU consultants, has an online Euro currency converter on his trilingual site promoting his EMU booklet.

The UK arm of the KMPG firm of management consultants has surveyed companies across Europe on the key strategic business issues presented by European Monetary Union. It found that though companies believed EMU would go ahead in 1999, only one in five of UK respondents had a plan to ready itself as opposed to more than half their German counterparts.



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