New Capabilities and Equipment

July 29, 2009

The following enhancements are either in place or will be within several weeks.

1) Increased disk storage

We recently added 20 TB more of Storage. We are also consolidating our storage on a few servers to make it easier to manage.

2) New Servers

We recently added a Dell 2950, Gauss. Gauss will be the primary storage machine and host for the new STERN CLOUD COMPUTING ENVIRONMENT.

3) New Cloud Computing Environment

The Stern Center for Research Computing has been experimenting with different virtualization technologies for several years. We have recently decided to standardize on KVM, which is now being supported by Red Hat. We are moving all of our XEN virtual machines under KVM, and are building a platform of 5 virtual machine hosts, with access to 30TB of shared storage. This will allow us to transparently move machines from one host to another while they are running. Many of the grid compute servers will be implemented as virtual servers.