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Welcome to the New York University Stern Center for Research Computing (SCRC).

The Center is devoted to providing world class computational facilities and services to Stern researchers.

The Center supports a moderate size grid of computers, which allow researchers to attack problems that
are computationally challenging or that require large amounts of disk storage. The architecture of the Stern GRID
is such that it can be dynamically extended without researchers having to modify their jobs.
An overview of the hardware, software and data base services can be found here.


Norman White's blog about research computing can be found at Research Computing Blog.

The Stern Center for Research Computing has its own dedicated servers and backup facilities.
All of the servers are connected by a dedicated high speed (gigabit)
network to the university backbone and to other universities.
Users can use the Sun Grid Engine to schedule their jobs on a system that has the appropriate resource.
The primary research system, grid, can be accessed through ssh at grid.stern.nyu.edu.
For instructions on accessing grid.stern.nyu.edu, Click Here


Users with heavy computational needs should use the Sun Grid Engine (SGE) to control their jobs.
SGE will automatically schedule their job on the most appropriate system, taking into account the load on all available systems,
the characteristics of the particular job, as well as administrative policies.
This ensures that the resources are used in an efficient and equitable way.


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