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The central square

A view of the central square

The central square in snow
he central square (or as it is commonly known, Liberty square), is a place of rest, a place for many cultural and political activities. What makes this area so special is the greenery, plus the shadow from the trees, around the various cafes that are continually full of people. The natural beauty of the square has been developed even more after the brand new construction of wide walkways around the square in which no vehicle is allowed.

The Bezesteni In the central square the visitor can also find the archaeological museum, which is an old "Bezesteni" a building dated in the 16th-17th century. Its name means "fabric market". Bezesteni was built according to the model of Byzantine markets and probably by a Greek architect. Those indoor markets (Bezestenis) were very popular and typical of Muslim towns, and such examples were built in many conquered Byzantine cities. A Turkish sightseer of the 17th century wrote in his book that "there is a wonderful stone-built building covered in lead, and this is Bezesteni". Today in Greece there are only two Bezestenis that are still preserved: one in Thessaloniki and the other one in Serres.

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