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Course: B01.1305.10 - Statistics and Data Analysis 
Semester:   Fall 2007 (9/24-12/17/07)
Class Hours:  Mon 6 - 9 pm
Class Room:   KMC 3-55
Instructor: Professor
Peter Lakner
Office: KMC 8-61  Tel: (212) 998-0476 
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Course Description / General Remarks

The course B01.1305 is designed to achieve an understanding of fundamental notions of data presentation and analysis and to use statistical thinking in the context of business problems. The course deals with modern methods of data exploration (designed to reveal unusual or problematic aspects of data bases), the uses and abuses of the basic techniques of inference, and the use of regression as a tool for management and for financial analysis.

Texts and Other Class Materials

The course textbook  is Basic Statistical Ideas for Managers, by David K. Hildebrand, R. Lyman Ott, and J. Brian Gray (Duxbury Press, 2nd edition). A student solutions manual is available for this book.

Statistical computing will be done with the program Minitab 15 for Windows. This program runs on the Stern network; individual copies can be purchased from the University Professional Bookstore for about $112. Minitab 15 can be purchased over the web from This version is sold in two pricing ways : 1) $26 with 5 months usage and 2) $50 with one year usage.

Topical Outline

The abbreviation H&O below refers to Hildebrand and Ott, the course textbook.

Week/Topical Heading

Specific Topic


Basic concepts of probability, random variables  Algebra of events, definition of probability, conditional probability and independence, probability mass function, mean, variance, standard deviation  H&O, chapters 3-4
Specific distributions Binomial distribution, normal distribution  H&O, chapter 5
Point and interval estimation Central Limit theorem, confidence interval for mean m and binomial proportion p H&O, chapters 6-7
Hypothesis testing Structure of tests, practical and statistical significance, Type I and Type II error, tests for means, tests for proportions, comparison of two groups H&O, chapter 8

H&O, sections 9.1-9.4
Simple linear regression One predictor model, least squares, inference, t and F tests, R2, prediction, checking of assumptions, regression diagnostics H&O, chapter 11
Multiple regression Multiple regression model, t and F tests, interpretations of coefficients, residual analysis, diagnostics, model repair, multicollinearity, model selection, transformations H&O, chapters 12-13

Grading Information

Grades will be based on a combination of scores for homework, the midterm and the final examination.


Homework assignments will be drawn from problems from the text, as well as from other sources.  Data files required for the assignments will all be available from the Stern network or from the instructors’ web sites.

           Midterm: TBA
            Final Exam: TBA 

Note for Students with Disabilities

If you have a qualified disability and will require academic accommodation during this course, please contact the Moses Center for Students with Disabilities (CSD, 998-4980) and provide the professor with a letter from them verifying your registration and outlining the accommodations they recommend.  If you will need to take an exam at the CSD, you must submit a completed Exam Accommodations Form to them at least one week prior to the scheduled exam time to be guaranteed accommodation.