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Prasanna Tambe


Associate Professor, IOMS
NYU Stern School of Business
New York University

Digital Fellow, MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy


Contact Information

email: ptambe at

Official NYU Stern Faculty Profile


NYU Mailing Address

44 West 4th Street, KMC 8-82

New York, NY 10012





My principal research interests are in how labor markets for technical skills affect workers, firms, and cities, as well as on the impact of technological change on labor and career outcomes. Much of this research makes contributions by using new, fine-grained data sources generated by human activity conducted online. I am also very interested in how these new and emerging big data sources are transforming the practice of HR management. This work has been supported by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.


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*      People are our Greatest Asset: Measuring the Market Value of Human Capital (with Erik Brynjolfsson, Daniel Rock, and Jacqueline Barrett)

*      The Death of a Technical Skill: Evidence from the Demise of Adobe Flash (with John Horton)

*      Why Do High Tech Firms Offer Perks at Work? (with Xuan Ye)

*      An Inside Job? Gender, Job Search, and Information Technology Careers

*      Paying to Program? Engineering Brand and High-Tech Wages (with Xuan Ye and Peter Cappelli)



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[Finalist for Best IS Paper Published in Management Science from 2012-2015]

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[Award for Best Paper Published in Information Systems Research in 2012]

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[Finalist for Best IS Paper Published in Management Science from 2011-2014]

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