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Robin S.


Assistant Professor of Economics
New York University Stern School of Business

Starting August 2014: Assistant Professor of Economics
Department of Economics, Harvard University


Vertical Integration and Exclusivity in Platform and Two-Sided Markets
December 2013, American Economic Review, 103(7): 2960-3000.
[Online Appendix]
This paper subsumes a previous working paper entitled Dynamic Demand Estimation in Platform and Two-Sided Markets: The Welfare Cost of Software Incompatibility.

Competing Platforms
Forthcoming, Journal of Economics and Management Strategy.

Home Videogame Platforms
August 2012, The Oxford Handbook of the Digital Economy, eds. Martin Peitz and Joel Waldfogel.

Price Discrimination in Service Industries
(with Anja Lambrecht, Katja Seim, Naufel J. Vilcassim, Amar Cheema, Yuxin Chen, Gregory Crawford, Kartik Hosanagar, Raghuram Iyengar, Oded Koenigsberg, Eugenio Miravete, Ozge Sahin), June 2012, Marketing Letters, 23(2): 423-438.

Exclusivity and Control
(with Andrei Hagiu), Fall 2011, Journal of Economics and Management Strategy, 20(3): 679-708. [Online Appendix | Media Mentions: 1, 2]

Subsidizing Creativity through Network Design: Zero Pricing and Net Neutrality
(with Tim Wu), Summer 2009, Journal of Economic Perspectives, 23(3): 61-76.

Multiple Equilibria and Selection by Learning in an Applied Setting
(with Ariel Pakes), July 2009, Economic Letters, 104(1): 13-16.

Signaling Preferences in Interviewing Markets
(with Michael Schwarz), September 2007, in Computational Social Systems and the Internet, ed. by P. Cramton, R. Müller, E. Tardos, and M. Tennenholtz, no. 07271 in Dagstuhl Seminar Proceedings, Dagstuhl, Germany.


Insurer Competition and Negotiated Hospital Prices
(with Kate Ho), 2013. (Also available as NBER Working Paper 19401).

Hospital and Physician Prices and Treatment Choice in Labor and Delivery
(with Kyna Fong and Patricia Foo), 2013 (submitted).

Markov-Perfect Network Formation: An Applied Framework for Bilateral Oligopoly and Bargaining in Buyer-Seller Networks
(with Kyna Fong), 2013 (revise & resubmit).

Interviewing in Two-Sided Matching Markets
(with Michael Schwarz), 2012 (revise & resubmit).
(Previous version: NBER Working Paper 14922).


Bargaining in Bilateral Oligopoly: An Alternating Offers Representation of the Nash-in-Nash Bargaining Solution
(with Allan Collard-Wexler and Gautam Gowrisankaran).

Narrow Networks in Managed Care
(with Kyna Fong).

The Welfare Effects of Vertical Integration in Multichannel Television
(with Gregory Crawford, Michael Whinston and Ali Yurukoglu).

IndustrialOrganization (Ph.D.)

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