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    Research Interests

    Corporate Finance, Productivity, Banking, Industrial Organization;

    Publications [Top]

    Systemic Risk on Different Interbank Network Topologies (with G. Tedeschi)

    Physica A , Volume 391, Issue 18, 15 September 2012, Pages 4331-4341.


    Pricing Genius - The Market Evaluation of Innovation (with D. Galenson)

    Journal of Applied Economics , Volume 19, Issue 2, November 2016, Pages 219-248

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    Working Papers [Top]

    Sovereign Debt Exposure and the Bank Lending Channel: Impact on Credit Supply and the Real Economy (with F. Mezzanotti and M. Bottero) - Submitted


    Sources and Implications of Resource Misallocation: New Evidence from Firm-Level Marginal Products and User Costs (with F. Manaresi) - Submitted

    Previously circulating as "Do Marginal Products Differ from User Costs? Micro-Level Evidence from Italian Firms"
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    Work in Progress [Top]

    Indirect Treatment Effects in Credit Markets (with F. Manaresi and F. Mezzanotti)

    [Research question]

    Finance and Death: Soft Information in Mortgage Markets (with F. Mezzanotti)

    [Research question]

    Finance for Young Firms: a Matter of Life or Death (with S. Barkai and F. Manaresi)

    [Research question]

    Teaching [Top]

    [Spring 2019] Foundations of Finance

    Fellowships [Top]

    I am a student fellow of the Macro Financial Modeling (MFM) group, of the Stigler Center for the study of the economy and the state, and of the Stevanovich Center for Financial Mathematics.
    In 2012, I received the "Giorgio Mortara" scholarship from Bank of Italy.