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    Corporate Finance, Productivity, Banking, Industrial Organization;

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    Publications [Top]

    Systemic Risk on Different Interbank Network Topologies (with G. Tedeschi)

    Physica A , Volume 391, Issue 18, 15 September 2012, Pages 4331-4341.
    (Largely based on my MS dissertation thesis)

    [Abstract]   Cited by 129   Cite

    Pricing Genius - The Market Evaluation of Innovation (with D. Galenson)

    Journal of Applied Economics, Volume 19, Issue 2, November 2016, Pages 219-248.

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    [Huffington Post Article] [Voxeu Article] [Business Insider Article]

    Working Papers [Top]

    Sovereign Debt Exposure and the Bank Lending Channel: Impact on Credit Supply and the Real Economy (with F. Mezzanotti and M. Bottero) - Resubmitted Journal of International Economics [New version]

    [Abstract]   Cited by 57   Cite

    Sources and Implications of Resource Misallocation: New Evidence from Firm-Level Marginal Products and User Costs (with F. Manaresi) - Submitted

    Previously circulating as "Do Marginal Products Differ from User Costs? Micro-Level Evidence from Italian Firms"
    [Abstract] [Appendix]   Cited by 9   Cite

    Financial Shocks and Productivity: Pricing response and the TFPR-TFPQ bifurcation (with D. Rivers and J. Tielens) - [New]

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    Work in Progress [Top]

    The Heterogenous Costs and Shadow Costs of Financial Frictions and Firm Investments (with M. Huber and F. Manaresi)

    Bank Deserts (with F. Manaresi and F. Mezzanotti)

    Teaching [Top]

    [Spring 2019] Foundations of Finance

    [Spring 2020] Foundations of Finance