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Stephen J. Mezias’ has been named the inaugural holder of the Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank Chair in International Managemant at INSEAD, where he has been appointed as Professor of Entrepreneurship and Family Enterprise. You can learn more about INSEAD, business school to the world and the global leader in executive education at His current research focuses on cognitive and social aspects of institutional processes, especially as they relate to legal environments, the emergence of new industries, the production of culture, organizational learning processes, and cultural differences and similarities in performance evaluation. He is an active leader at the Academy of Management, where he is past Chair of the Managerial and Organization Cognition Division and a past representative-at-large in the Organization and Management Theory division. He is an Associate Editor at Management Science and a current member of the editorial board of Organization Science; he has previously served on the editorial boards of the Journal of Management and Administrative Science Quarterly; he is also an ad-hoc reviewer for numerous journals. His publications have appeared in or are forthcoming in Management Science, Organization Science, Administrative Science Quarterly, Strategic Management Journal, as well as numerous other journals.