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Founded in 1997, the Stern and Tisch Entertainment Business Association has been putting their efforts into the line of successful programming, providing students with opportunities to learn about and make contacts in the entertainment industry. Despite the names Stern and Tisch, STEBA is available to students in schools other than Stern and Tisch.

Through its panels, speakers, and programs on all aspects of the entertainment business, including TV, film, music, etc, STEBA offers a unique advantage to students in that it combines the interests of Stern, Tisch, School of Education, and other students' interest in the growing field of entertainment business. STEBA is also a comprehensive job and internship resource.

STEBA oftens works with the outside organizations, as well as feature panelists from major networks, record labels, and film companies in programs that focus on anything from how to become involved in the entertainment industry to controversial topics related to the industry.

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