Jie Geng

My name is Jie Geng, originally from the historical city, Nanjing (Nanking), China. I came to the US after high school and I will graduate from UC-Berkeley this year with three majors, mathematics, statistics and economics. Go Cal Bears!

I am interested in behavioral economics, game theory, probability and mathematical statistics. Besides the reputation of Stern Finance and opportunities to take courses at Courant, the large finance faculty size and the program structure make Stern so special and attractive to me: I do not know much about any area in finance yet; a comprehensive set of knowledge in economic theory and access to leading scholars in every field of finance can help me fully explore my interests before writing the thesis, (although according to my current interests and background, I might work on asset pricing, financial econometrics or behavior finance in the future).

Some random stuff about myself: I enjoy movies, pop music, musicals, traditional Chinese music and yoga during my free time. For me, the most exciting part of life in “The City” is Broadway! I would like to learn some music theory and/or one foreign language, perhaps French, this summer.