Markus Sihvonen

Hello everyone, my name is Markus Sihvonen and I grew up in Helsinki, Finland. I graduated with a master's degree in economics from the University of Helsinki in 2010. I then first worked as a quantitative analyst in investment management but my fascination with finance, economics and research took me back to academia and I started taking PhD courses at Aalto University School of Business. Though interested in pretty much everything, three research areas are worth mention: behavioral finance, corporate finance and the microfoundations of business cycles. For example, I am currently coauthoring a paper titled 'Optimism, Control and the Business Cycle' that concerns the intersection of behavioral corporate finance and macroeconomics. In my free time I like to hit the gym, enjoy a good movie or travel. I chose Stern because the world class faculty in almost any field of finance, the additional resources provided by the NYU Economics Department and the collaborative atmosphere provides me with unparalleled possibilities to develop as researcher.