Van Nieuwerburgh, Stijn

David S. Loeb Professor of Finance

Director at Center for Real Estate Finance Research
NBER Research Associate
CEPR Faculty Research Fellow

Joined Stern 2003

Phone: (212) 998-0673
Fax : (212) 995-4233
Office: KMEC 9-80

44 West Fourth Street
Suite 9-190
New York, NY 10012-1126

I invite you to read through a more extensive page of my research and work. A collection of journal articles, book and conference contributions, and other working papers.


  • PhD Economics at Stanford University, 2003
  • MSc Financial Mathematics at Stanford University, 2001
  • MA Economics at Stanford University, 2001
  • BA Economics at University of Gent 1998


  • Household finance
  • Asset pricing
  • Housing and mortgages
  • Macro-economics
  • Information theory


  • Real Estate Investment Strategies (MBA and UG)
  • Foundations of Finance (MBA)
  • Securitization (exec MBA)
  • Discrete-time Asset pricing Theory (PhD)
  • Asset Pricing Theory seminar (PhD)


  • My PhD thesis advisor and NYU colleague, Tom Sargent, won the 2011 Nobel prize in economics! We organized a conference in his honor at NYU Stern on October 14 and 15. Pictures of the event are here. A fun video clip of a skit by McGrattan and Kehoe, as well as other fun videos by Sargent students can be found here.

  • A recent lecture on Frontiers in Real Estate Research is here (October 2011). An overview of my housing research agenda for the RED is here (April 2012). Stern has started a new Center for Real Estate Finance Research; Check out our site.

  • I am part of a group of European economists, euro-nomics, who are thinking about how to solvethe euro crisis. Our September 2011 proposal for European Safe Bonds (ESBies) is here. An opinion piece on ESBies in the WSJ is here while an opinion piece in the Belgian news paper De Tijd (in Dutch) is here. A related February 2012 opinion piece on the LTRO program in De Tijd (in Dutch) is here.

  • Bend it like Bernanke: My paper on gauging the strength of government bailouts for the financial sector from option prices was covered on FT Alpaville (June 22, 2011), in a NY Times oped by Simon Johnson (Sep 1, 2011), and in Business and Economy (Nov 10, 2011). The Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis tracks our measure as part of its effort to measure government guarantees to the financial sector in real time.

  • I wrote a book on GSE reform, published with Princeton University Press in March 2011. An executive summary plus a new evaluation of the Obama administration's February 2011 proposals for reform can be found here. An opinion piece on home ownership subsidies in the New York Times of August 16, 2011 is here. A November 2011 presentation at NYU Stern can be found here.

  • I am a local organizer of the 2011 SED conference in my hometown Ghent, Belgium (July 6-9, 2011). Check out the website and the conference poster. Pictures can be found here. Information on a pre-conference event with Nobel Laureates is here. My presentation on the Belgian economy at that event is here.