Theresa Kuchler

Theresa Kuchler
Assistant Professor of Finance
New York University
Stern School of Business
44 West 4th Street, KCM 9-87
New York, NY 10012

Research Papers

House Price Beliefs and Mortgage Leverage Choice
  Revision requested at the Review of Economic Studies  
  Coauthors: Michael Bailey, Eduardo Davila and Johannes Stroebel 
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Measuring Social Connectedness
  In preparation for the Journal of Economic Perspectives  
  Coauthors: Michael Bailey, Ruiqing Cao, Johannes Stroebel and Arlene Wong 
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Personal Experiences and Expectations about Aggregate Outcomes
  Revision requested at the Journal of Finance  
  Coauthor: Basit Zafar 
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Sticking To Your Plan: The Role of Present Bias for Credit Card Debt Paydown
  Under review  
  Coauthor: Michaela Pagel  
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Overoptimistic Managers and Market Misvaluation: Implications for Method of Payment and Subsequent Returns of Corporate Acquisitions
  Revision requested at Management Science  
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Published or Forthcoming Papers

The Economic Effects of Social Networks: Evidence from the Housing Market
  Forthcoming at the Journal of Political Economy  
  Coauthors: Michael Bailey, Ruiqing Cao and Johannes Stroebel  
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Assessing Sale Strategies in Online Markets using Matched Listings
  American Economic Journal: Microeconomics, 7(2), May 2015
  Coauthors: Liran Einav, Jonathan Levin and Neel Sundaresan 
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Older Working Papers

Foreclosure and Bankruptcy - Policy Conclusions from the Current Crisis
  Coauthor: Johannes Stroebel 
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Work in Progress

Social Networks and Product Adoption
  Coauthors: Mike Bailey, Johannes Stroebel and Arlene Wong  

Social Dynamics in Mortgage Refinancing Decisions
  Coauthors: Mike Bailey, Ruiqing Cao and Johannes Stroebel  

Attention by Individual and Institutional Investors
  Coauthor: Moqi Xu  

Debt Relief and Moral Hazard: Estimating the Effect of Bankruptcy Protection on Loan Repayment
  Coauthors: Theo Rapanos, Sharada Sridhar and Constantine Yannelis  

Housing Search Behavior
  Coauthors: Arpit Gupta  

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