William H. Greene

Professor of Economics, NYU Stern School of Business



  • Robert Stansky Professor of Economics
  • Toyota Motor Corp. Professor of Economics
  • Faculty Fellow of Entertainment, Media and Technology
  • Editor, Journal of Productivity Analysis
  • Editor, Foundations and Trends in Econometrics
  • Joined Stern in 1983

Econometric Analysis

Econometric Analysis

Econometric Analysis has been the leading textbook for graduate econometrics in social science programs worldwide since 1990. It is also a major reference work for empirical research. Econometric Analysis ranked 34th with over 48,000 citations in Google Scholar's October 2014 Nature Journal list of the world's 100 all time most cited works.

A short course in microeconometrics

A short course in frontier and efficiency analysis

Applied Econometrics: Critical Concepts in Economics

Applied Econometrics

Following the positive reception of The Rise of Econometrics (2013) (978-0-415-61678-2), Routledge now announces a new collection bringing together the best that has been published on the practical application and functional use of economic metrics and measurements. With a comprehensive introduction, newly written by the editor, which places the assembled materials in their historical and intellectual context, Applied Econometrics is an essential work of reference. This fully indexed collection will be particularly useful as an indispensable database allowing scattered and often fugitive material to be easily located. It will also be welcomed as a crucial tool permitting rapid access to less familiar—and sometimes overlooked—texts. For researchers and students, as well as economic policy-makers, it is a vital one-stop research and pedagogic resource.

Applied Choice Analysis

Applied Choice Analysis

Applied Choice Analysis is a standard reference for empirical choice modeling. Now in its second edition (2015).

"...this book should be required reading for anybody who carries out (or hopes to carry out) serious choice analysis. I cannot think of any choice study, including most of the ones in which I have participated, that could not be improved by following the practical advice given in this book. After years of teaching some of this material to economics graduate students, I have a mental list of 'stupid' mistakes that most of them will make. This book not only lists almost all of these mistakes, it carefully explains why they are mistakes and shows how to avoid them." - Journal of the American Statistical Association David Brownstone, University of California, Irvine

Modeling Ordered Choices: A Primer

Modeling Ordered Choices: A Primer

Modeling Ordered Choices provides a relevant methodology for capturing the sources of influence that explain the choice made amongst a set of ordered alternatives. This book brings together contributions in ordered choice modeling from a number of disciplines and synthesizes developments over the last fifty years.

"An outstanding and timely resource on ordered-response choice modeling that takes readers through the history of such models, and develops a clear taxonomy to position the many generalizations and variants of the standard ordered-response model. Bill Greene and David Hensher have done a masterful job in navigating through, and weaving together, the maze of developments and applications in a diversity of fields. The objective perspectives of the literature provide rich guidance for both the researcher as well as the practitioner. This book is literally a one-stop reference resource on ordered-choice modeling that is at once comprehensive, lucid, insightful, and accessible. A 'must-have' in the bookshelves of anyone wanting to learn about and apply ordered-choice modeling techniques!" - Chandra Bhat, University of Texas, Austin

Econometric Software

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