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Syllabus and Outline

General Information

Information central

Website for class: The central location for everything related to this class is on the home page for the class on my website:

The social media page for the class: Much of what is on the home page for the class will also be available at the following site (designed by Coursekit).

Google calendar for the class: The Google calendar for the class is available at

Blog: I post on finance and valuation on my blog. If you have time on your hands, check it out:

Twitter: I have twitter feed that you can be part off as well.

What is corporate finance?

Every decision that a business makes has financial implications, and any decision which affects the finances of a business is a corporate finance decision.
Defined broadly, everything that a business does fits under the rubric of corporate finance.


Course Objectives

Motto for class: If it cannot be applied, who cares?.

Motto for class: You can forget the details, but doní' miss the story.

Motto for class: Are we having fun yet?

Finance versus Accounting: Laying the Groundwork

The traditional accounting balance sheet

accounting balance sheet

The financial balance sheet

Financial Balance sheet



First Principles


Outline for the Class




Class Material

I. Text: Lecture Notes; They are sold in the book store in two parts. The lecture notes are also available in pdf format on the web.

II. Supplementary Text: Applied Corporate Finance: A User's Manual, Third Edition, by Aswath Damodaran. See the material on my web site.

III. Practice Problems/Exams: Every midterm and final exam that I have ever given will be available on my web site. There are also problems in the supplementary book, and solutions.

IV. Spreadsheets and data are available on my web site..

Chapter References



Grading Distribution

grade distribution

Grading Basis

Group Work: Students should work in groups of four to eight. Each group will be required to work on three cases (and turn in an analysis on each) and one comprehensive project (See attached description).

Case: Due Session 15 (March 28 ahead of class at 10.30) Worth 10%

Group Project: Due Session 26 (May 7 at 5 pm) Worth 30%

Rules of Engagement