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Valuation: Syllabus

General Information

Course Objectives

Valuation Course Objective

Course Outline

Topic Session
Introduction 1 - 2
DCF Valuation: Estimating Parameters 3 - 8
DCF Valuation: Valuation Examples 9-11
Relative Valuation 12-17
Valuing Private Firms 18-19
Option Pricing Applications 20-22
Acquisitions 23-24
Value Enhancement Strategies 24-25
Review 26

Required Material


Information Central

Website for the class: Everything associated with the class (and I mean everything) will be available at the website for the class

Social media website for the class: You can also get access to much of the same stuff at this site, but it also has a social media component that will allow you to partake in discussions on valuation topics.

Google calendar for class: The Google calendar for the class is available here:

My blog: My not-so-brilliant and not-at-all-insightful thoughts on valuation, corporate finance and portfolio management will be posted on my blog, Musings on Markets.

Twitter feed: Just in case you don't get enough of me in clas, online and on my blog, please help me approach Lady Gaga status by joining my Twitter follower list.


Grade Distribution

Valuation grade distribution

Grading Basis

Rules of Engagement