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Short tests - Valuation Seminar

These are short tests interspersed through the session. The solutions are attached.

  1. Valuation bias: A test and my solutions
  2. Cash flow consistency: A test (Congoleum)
  3. Implied Equity Risk Premiums: A test
  4. Betas and cost of capital: A test
  5. Cash flows: A test
  6. Growth rates I: A test
  7. Terminal Value: A test
  8. Value Enhancement: A test
  9. Loose Ends: A test
  10. DCF valuation: A test
  11. DCF Valuation II: A test
  12. Relative valuation I: A test
  13. Relative valuation II: A test
  14. Private Company Valuation: A test
  15. Private Company Valuation II: A test
  16. Natural Resource Options: A test