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Company Valuations - Valuation Seminar

These are excel spreadsheets with the valuations that are included in the lecture notes. Feel free to download them and have fun changing the inputs or updating the information

DCF Valuations

  1. Goldman Sachs: A Three-Stage Dividend Discount Model Valuation
  2. Deutsche Bank: A FCFE model for a bank
  3. Toyota: Normaliziung Earnings
  4. Tata Motors
  5. Amazon.com in January 2000: A Valuation of a Company on the Dark Side
  6. Amazon.com in January 2001
  7. Amgen: The R&D Adjustment
  8. Sears: A company in decline
  9. Las Vegas Sands: Valuing a company in distress and estimating default probability
  10. Kristin Kandy: Valuing a private business
  11. Exxon Mobil: Valuing a commodity company
  12. Hormel Foods (Status Quo vs Optimal value, Optimal capital structure)
  13. Adris Grupa: Valuing voting & non-voting shares (Status Quo vs Optimal value)
  14. Eurotunnel DCF Valuation & Eurotunnel Option Pricing Valuation
  15. Coca Cola: Valuing a Brand Name

Relative Valuations

  1. PE and Fundamentals
  2. US Market PE Ratios: 1960-2011
  3. Global Telecommunication firms
  4. Trucking Company Value/EBITDA Multiples
  5. Internet Stock PS Ratios