Web Casts: Executive Valuation - Spring 2007

This 4-session equity valuation class will be taped on May 17 and May 31 and the lectures will be available as Real Player files (You can download Real Player for free by going to http://www.real.com). You can get the supporting lecture notes by clicking on the pdf files below - the pages covered by each lecture are provided next to each lecture.
DCF valuation
Value Enhancement and Loose ends in valuation
Relative valuation
The quality of the video and audio leaves much to be desired but it will get better over time. For the syllabus and other details. This page will include the webcasts from the current class.

Session (Click here) Topics covered Lecture notes
1 (5/17/07: am) Introduction to Class
Approaches to Valuation
Estimating Discount Rates

Page 1-27

2 (5/17/07: pm) More on estimating discount rates
Estimating Cash flow
Estimating Growth Rates
Page 28-63
3 (5/31/07: am) Estimating Terminal Value
Value Enhancement 101
Loose Ends in Valuation
Page 64-100
4 (5/31/07: pm) More on loose ends in valuation
Uncertainty in Valuation
A very short intro to relative valuaton and real options
Page 100-146