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Consulting Experience

2003: Milberg, Weiss -- Nortel and "Fraud on the Market" (expert witness)

2003: Hale and Dorr -- Hynix dumping of DRAMS (Expert witness)

2001-2003: Dept. of Justice -- Losses Related to the Goodwill Provisions of the Financial Institutions, Reform and Recovery Act (expert witness)

2000: JP Morgan -- Emerging Market Securities as an Asset Class

2000 World Bank -- Financial system Crisis in Thailand

1999: World Bank -- Deposit Insurance in Mexico

1998: Central Bank of Argentina -- Credit Risk Measurement

1998: Oliver Wyman -- Oliver Wyman Institute

1997: JP Morgan -- Restrictions on Pension Fund managers

1997: Latham and Watkins -- Financial Condition of Korean Banks

1997: World Bank -- Financial Sector Reform in Ethiopia

1997: Perkins Cole -- Securitization of Aircraft Finance

1997: J.P. Morgan -- Modeling Credit Risk

1997: Inter-American Development Bank -- Interest Rate Margin Determination

1996-7: Decof and Grimm -- Failure of Rhode Island Savings Banks

1996: Millberg-Weiss -- Losses on Swap Contracts by NY Banks

1996: World Bank -- Bank Capital Structures in Developing and Developed Countries

1995: World Bank -- Financial Sector Restructuring in Uganda

1995: European Capital Markets Inst. -- Clearance and Settlement Integration in the European Community

1994: NY State Bankers Assoc. -- The Effects of Local Taxation on Bank Location and Activities

1994: World Bank/Govt. of China -- Reform of Equity Markets in the Peoples Republic of China

1994: Aetna Life -- Concentration Risk Measurement in Insurance Co.

1994: Strock, Strock and Lavan -- Ellerman Arbitration (Securitization)

1994 Patterson, Belknap, Webb and Tyler -- Gotthalf v. Telerate (Futures Markets and Derivatives)

1994: Milberg, Weiss, etal -- Salomon Inc. Litigation(Treasury Auctions)

1994: NY State Bankers Association -- Financial Regulation and Bank Profitability

1993: World Bank -- Financial Sector Reform in Kenya

1992: EBRD -- Bank Restructuring in Eastern Europe 1992 Euroclear Settlement and clearance Issues in Global Securities Markets

1992: EBRD/Govt. of Poland -- Chief Consultant in Charge of Designing the Polish Deposit Insurance System

1991: City of New York -- National and Global Competitiveness of New York City as a Financial Center

1991: Litwin and Holsinger -- Haas etal v. Bankers Trust (expert witness)

1990: Citicorp -- Universal Banking

1989: The World Bank -- Venture Capital in LDC’s

1989: The World Bank -- Financial Liberalization in Tanzania

1989: Citicorp -- Strategy Over the Next Five Years for the Institutional Banking Group

1989: Office of Technology Assessment U.S. Congress -- Banks and Securities Markets

1988: Blank, Rome, Comisky and McCauley -- Expert Witness Security Pacific vs. Delco Wiire

1988: World Bank-IFC -- Financial Liberalization in Mauritius

1988: Oxford Analytica -- U.S. Bank Developments (ongoing)

1987: World Bank-IFC -- Modeling Optimal Debt Rescheduling for Bank

1987: Parker-Chapin, Flattau and Klimpl -- Expert Witness, ESM v. Grant Thornton (failure of Ohio Savings Banks)

1986: Budd Larner -- Legality of Deposit Brokerage (expert witness)

1986-89: Philadelphia Fed -- Research Advisor on Matters Concerning Bank Structure, Competition and Deregulation

1986: World Bank-IFC -- Financial Deregulation in Kenya

1986: Skandaviska Enskilada -- Strategy for International Banking Banken Operations in Scandanvia

1986: Office of Technology -- Regulation of Foreign Banks Entering the Assessment/U.S. Congress U.S. and vice-versa in the Context of Technology and International Bank Services

1985: Association of Italian -- The Use of Futures Contracts for Hedging Banks Bank Risk

1985: World Bank-IFC -- The Theoretical Foundations for Securities Markets as Facilitators of Economic Growth

1985: World Bank-IFC -- The Underpricing of Unseasoned New Issues:Theory and U.S. Evidence 1978-1983

1985: Morgan Guaranty -- The Glass-Steagall Act: Safety and Soundness and Conflicts of Interest Issues

1985-97: Executive Teaching: -- Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, Yamaichi Securities, Morgan Guaranty, Chase Manhattan, Australian Merchant Bankers Association, Morgan Stanley, Euromoney, B.P., Swiss National Bank, Malaysian Bankers Assoc., KPMG, Lehman Bros., Citicorp, Smith Barney, Union Bank of Switzerland, IBEMEC (Brazil) and others