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Working Papers

"The Impact of ATM Surcharges on Large Versus Small Banks: Is There a Customer Relationship Effect?" (with Nadia Massoud and Barry Scholnick)

"The Long-Run Behavior of Debt and Equity Underwriting Spreads" (with Dongcheol Kim and Darius Palia)

"Should Banks Be Diversified? Evidence from Individual Bank Loan Portfolios" (with Viral Acharya & Iftekhar Hasan)

"Incorporating Systemic Influences Into Risk Measurements: A Survey of the Literature" (with Linda Allen)

"Issues in the credit risk modeling of retail markets" (with Linda Allen and Gayle DeLong)

"Commercial Bank Underwriting of Credit-Enhanced Bonds: Are there Certification Benefits to the Issuer?" (with Roger D. Stover)

"Bank Borrowers and Loan Sales: New Evidence on the Uniqueness of Bank Loans" (with S. Dahiya and M. Puri)

"An Analysis and Critique of the BIS Proposal on Capital Adequacy and Ratings"(with E. Altman).

"The Role of Financial Advisors in Mergers and Acquisitions" (with L. Allen and J. Jagtiani)

"Credit Ratings and the BIS Reform Agenda"(with E. Altman)

"Commercial Bank Underwriting Paper"(with Roger D. Stover)

"A Survey of Cyclical Effects in Credit Risk Measurement Models(with L. Allen)