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Asset Pricing in a Production Economy with Chew-Dekel Preferences

by Claudio Campanale, Rui Castro, and Gian Luca Clementi

Review of Economic Dynamics, Volume 13, Issue 2, March 2010, pages 379-402

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In this paper we provide a thorough characterization of the asset returns implied by a simple general equilibrium production economy with Chew-Dekel risk preferences and convex capital adjustment costs. When households display levels of disappointment aversion consistent with the experimental evidence, a version of the model parameterized to match the volatility of output and consumption growth generates unconditional expected asset returns and price of risk in line with the historical data. For the model with Epstein-Zin preferences to generate similar statistics, the relative risk aversion coefficient needs to be about 55, two orders of magnitude higher than the available estimates. We argue that this is not surprising, given the limited risk imposed on agents by a reasonably calibrated stochastic growth model.

Notice: a previous version of this paper circulated under the title "Asset Pricing in a General Equilibrium Production Economy with Chew-Dekel Risk Preferences"

Working paper version available at Repec