Gabriel Natividad


 CV (.pdf)               


 Research papers:

 Financial capacity and discontinuous investment: Evidence from emerging market multibusiness firms

 Integration and productivity: Satellite-tracked evidence

 Business microloans for U.S. subprime borrowers (joint with Cesare Fracassi, Mark Garmaise  and Shimon Kogan)

 Financial slack, strategy, and competition in movie distribution  

 Cheap credit, lending operations and international politics: The case of global microfinance (joint with Mark Garmaise)

 Multidivisional strategy and investment returns

 Information, the cost of credit and operational efficiency: An empirical study of microfinance (joint with Mark Garmaise)


 Some syllabi:   MBA M&A Strategies: daytime (.pdf) evening (.pdf)      PhD Econ.Org. (.pdf)


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