Nokia Comes Out of the Forest

a multimarket financing case study

(For Giddy's International Financial Management course)

This is a comprehensive financing case that enables teams to practice presenting and negotiating a financing package for a corporate client. Nokia, a Finnish company, wants to raise funds in international capital markets to finance a major acquisition in the United States.  Its goal is to create a package that offers (a) the lowest cost, (b) the most safety, and (c) the most flexibility.  It has several financing alternatives that differ in terms of (a) currency of denomination, (b) maturity, (c) interest rate stability, (d) swap arrangements, and (d) non-economic considerations.

Six banks (your teams) are trying to get Nokia's business by presenting a financing alternative.  Each bank has a different strength and could possibly benefit from offering a joint package with at least one other bank.  Prior to discussions with Nokia, the team from each bank should consider its specialty so it can be a skilled negotiator and a strong partner.

The bank specialties are as follows:

Teams should consider the company's needs and views. Then consider the financing alternatives. Compare and contrast them in terms of suitability, and effective cost and risk. Finally,  assemble an appropriate financing package and prepare to make a presentation to the company.

Important issues to evaluate include (a) the appropriate debt-to-equity ratio, based in part on the company's operating leverage (b) finding debt and derivatives that help reduce interest rate risk and currency risk (taking into account the firm's business and competition), (c) use of interest rate and currency swaps, (d) constraints and imperfections of individual capital markets and imperfect linkages among capital markets, including small-country capital controls, and (e) the evolution of the financing mix to suit the company's changing business.

Each team will be asked to present an 8-minute summary of its recommendations.
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