Curriculum Vitae
Ian H. Giddy

Professor Ian H. Giddy
Office: Stern School of Business, New York University, NY 10012.
Home: 119 West 82nd St, New York 10024.



Ph.D., University of Michigan


M.B.A., University of Michigan


B.Sc., University of the Witwatersrand

Academic and Professional Appointments


Adjunct Associate Professor, Stern School, New York University
Senior Research Fellow, Salomon Center at NYU


Visiting Associate Professor, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania


Director, International Fixed Income Research, Drexel Burnham Lambert


Visiting and Clinical Associate Professor, Stern School, New York University


Visiting Scholar, International Monetary Fund


Visiting Scholar, US Treasury Department


Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Chicago


Assistant and Associate Professor, Columbia University


Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Michigan

Consulting and Special Seminar Assignments
During the past 35-odd years, Dr. Giddy has taught numerous short courses and workshops at many of the world’s leading financial institutions, corporations, universities and government agencies. These include The World Bank, International Monetary Fund, Republic of Turkey Ministry of Finance, U.S. Treasury Department, Comptroller of the Currency, European Central Bank, Netherlands Development Fund, Nordic Investment Bank, Reserve Bank of India, Bank Negara Indonesia, Development Bank of Singapore, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, Citigroup, Bank of America, Chase Manhattan Bank, JP Morgan, HSBC, Rabobank, Standard Bank, Manufacturers Hanover Trust, Claremont Economics Institute, Barclays Bank, Credit Suisse, First Boston, Deutsche Bank, HypoVereinsbank, Dresdner Bank, Swiss Bank Corporation, Bank of Boston, Royal Bank of Canada, Chemical Bank, Banco Santander, Bank Utama Malaysia, Morgan Stanley, Drexel Burnham Lambert, Price Waterhouse, Shearman & Sterling, USICA, General Electric, IBM, Yamaichi Securities, Grupo Espirito Santo, Reeves Industries, Bouygues, PDVSA (Venezuela), UNISA (South Africa), Prudential Securities, Institute of Bankers of Malaysia, Singapore Institute of Management, Korea Institute of Finance, Samsung Life, Deloitte & Touche, AC Nielsen, ASIA Ltd., Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan, Sika Corporation, NIBC Bank, DEG Private Equity, Gulf Capital, Rand Merchant Bank, Findesa, BOE Private Clients, Alpha Bank, and others.

He has lectured in Abu Dhabi, Bangladesh, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, Denmark, Dubai, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Korea, Kuwait, Latvia, Lebanon, Lithuania, Malaysia, Mexico, The Netherlands, Nicaragua, The Peoples Republic of China, Peru, The Philippines, Portugal, Romania, Senegal, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Turkey, the United Kingdom and Venezuela.

A selection of short courses he has given in recent years follows.

  • Corporate Financial Restructuring (DBS Bank, Singapore)
  • Workshop on Global Financial Developments (Swiss Banking School, Zurich)
  • Financing Growth Companies (WestLB Panmure, Dusseldorf)
  • Asset-Backed Securities: The Global Challenge (CFS, Frankfurt)
  • Corporate Risk Management (Deloitte & Touche)
  • Workshop on Corporate Financing and Risk Management (Estonia, Latvia & Lithuania)
  • Value at Risk (IIR, Finland)
  • Capital Markets (ING/Barings)
  • Applied Corporate Finance (HypoVereinsbank, Munich)
  • Mergers and Acquisitions (Lebanese American University, Byblos, Lebanon)
  • Treasury Products Workshop (Vereinsbank, Munich, Germany)
  • Interest Rate Options Workshop (Royal Bank of Canada)
  • Financing with Asset-Backed Securities (IBBM, Malaysia)
  • Corporate Finance and Derivatives (Banco Santander, Chile & Spain)
  • Foreign Exchange and International Capital Markets (Ministry of Finance, Turkey)
  • Managing Financial Risk (Dublin Business School, Ireland)
  • Innovations in Corporate Finance (Nationsbank)
  • International Financial Management (INSEAD, France)
  • Foreign Exchange Options (Citigroup, Manila)
  • Corporate Finance (Fundacao Joao Pinheiro, Brazil)
  • The International Money and Capital Markets (UNISA, South Africa)
  • Corporate International Finance (Helsinki School of Economics, Finland)
  • Financial Innovations (Credit Suisse)
  • International Money Markets (Institute of Banking and Finance, Singapore)
  • Financing LBOs and M&A (Grupo Espirito Santo, Portugal)
  • The Job of the Chief Financial Officer (Singapore Institute of Management)
  • International Financing Techniques (IESA, Venezuela)
  • Introduction to Finance (Merrill Lynch)
  • Many other courses, listed at

Articles in Referred Journals

  • “The Random Behavior of Flexible Exchange Rates: Implications for Forecasting” (with G. Dufey), Journal of International Business Studies (Spring 1975), 1-32.
  • “An Integrated Theory of Exchange Rate Equilibrium,” Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis (November 1977), 601-605.
  • “Comment on Robichek and Eaker’s Foreign Exchange Hedging and the Capital Asset Pricing Model”, Journal of Finance (June 1978), 1030-1031.
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  • “Mitsubishi Corporation Finance,” (with R. Smith), Journal of International Accounting and Finance, 1994.
  • “The Economics of Securities Settlement in Asia’s Emerging Markets,” Journal of Asian Economics, 1994.


Chapters in Books

  • “Social Organization”, in Vern Terpstra et al., The Cultural Environment of International Business (Cincinnati: South-Western, 1978).
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  • “Who Should be the Banking Supervisors?” in Robert C. Effros, ed., Current Legal Issues Affecting Central Banks, International Monetary Fund, forthcoming.

Articles in Non-Referred Journals

  • “The Blossoming of the Eurobond Market”, Columbia Journal of World Business (winter 1975), 66-76.
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  • “Corporate Uses and Abuses of Currency Options,” (with G. Dufey), Journal of Applied Corporate Finance, Fall 1996.
  • Additionally, numerous articles and case studies published on the internet.


  • Devaluations, Revaluations and Stock Market Prices, unpublished Ph.D. dissertation, The University of Michigan, 1974.
  • The International Finance Handbook (ed. with A.M. George), Two Vols, Wiley, 1983.
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  • Asset Securitization in Asia (1997) ASIA Limited, Singapore.


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