Introduction to Finance:
Instructor's Materials

An introductory course on finance, investments and financial markets. 
by Ian H. Giddy, Stern School of Business, New York University

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1. The Course

This course covers the nature and workings of financial markets and their use by corporations, investors and others. The aim is to teach students some skills in modern valuation techniques, including the pricing of fixed-income securities, equities, foreign exchange and derivatives. They learn about the principles of finance, including arbitrage, market efficiency, and portfolio theory. In the context of corporate finance, the course introduces the key principles of selecting real investments, financing them, and managing financial risk. The full course outline may be found at .

2. Computerized Test Questions

I have developed a full set of on-line quizzes, both self-test and "real" quizzes, for my introduction to finance course. These are designed to be used with WebCT, a Web-based course tool which allows students to go onto the Web any time and take the quiz and, at the instructor's discretion, obtain feedback in the form of suggested solutions (see sample in Adobe Acrobat format). The questions can be automatically graded or hand-graded by the instructor. These may be purchased for instructor use for $375 for the set. To see it in action, send a request to and you'll be assigned a special, temporary, password.

(A similar set is available for my International Finance course.)


3. The stock market trading game

Each student manages a hypothetical portfolio of bonds and/or equities during the course. The goal is to beat a passive $500,000 portfolio of 40% bonds, 50% equities, and 10% cash. Students apply the concepts learned in the course to select which bonds and stocks to buy and which to sell, and to evaluate the relative performance of the portfolio.


4. A complete set of PowerPoint slides

These lecture supplements have become an essential adjunct to my course and have proved useful to a number of other lecturers. The package consists of about 15 slideshows, with an average of about 40 slides per lecture (see sample),. In addition to the subjects covered in the textbook, they include financial management topics such as international finance and financial risk analysis. The slideshows are also available in .pdf (Adobe Acrobat) format, so that they can be downloaded from the Web by students.

The set is available for $500 from the author.

(A similar set is available for my International Finance course.)

5. Online Version of the Course

An on-line version of the course may be offered in tandem with the class version. If you're interested, contact the instructor.

Most materials will be made available for download from a special Website upon receipt of payment in US funds.
Requests for materials should be made to Payment should be in the form of a check made out to "Ian H. Giddy" and sent to:

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