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Many of the documents are in Acrobat format (i.e., .pdf), for some you will need the password which will be given out on the first day of class.

Topic Readings and Links
The financial markets
Interest rates and the economy
Investopedia and Reading Reports
IPO case study
Time value of money fin2.pdf and Applications
More TVM and a calculator
More TVM questions, and solutions.
Bonds and yields fin3.pdf
Bond glossary and prices
Quiz solutions (examples)
Risk and return fin4.pdf
Optional assignment
RiskMetrics and RiskGrades
Credit spreads and creditspreads.xls
sample Self Test 4 solution
Risk in the context of bond and equity portfolios fin5.pdf
Value at Risk
Portfolio spreadsheet
sample Self Test 5 solution
Valuation and capital asset pricing fin6.pdf
Beta and Beta spreadsheet and more
Company betas and Mutual fund betas

Arbitrage, forecasting and market efficiency fin7.pdf
7 Equity valuation  fin11.pdf
Corning Valuation example
P/E ratios and Valuation exercise
The Fool's Method and summary page
Example: Intel and The industry
Merger valuation:example: Schirnding
International financial markets  fin9.pdf
Currencies and Global markets
EMU and Update
9 Midterm Exam  Sample Midterm
10 Cash, futures, FRAs and swaps fin12.pdf
11 Options fin13.pdf
Option strategy guide and Option calculator
Volatility calculator
12 Options and option applications Pricing Callable Bonds
Convertibles and Convertibles calculator
Convertibles spreadsheet 
13 Portfolio Strategies  fin14.pdf and Review
Investment philosophies and Quantitative performance evaluation

Final Exam (guidelines and sample) Do not download this
file until after the Final

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