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I) Here is some press coverage of my work (** indicates major articles still worth reading)


**The Believer, 7/15/05, Jonathan Haidt, Social and Moral Psychologist, interview by Tamler Sommers.



**The Today Show, NBC, 2/28/06. Interview about The Happiness Hypothesis, with Ann Curry.
The New Yorker, 2/27/06. Review of The Happiness Hypothesis, by John Lanchester
Nature, 5/4/06. Review of The Happiness Hypothesis,  by Daniel Nettle. [subscription or library account needed]
New York Times, 5/7/06, "Marshmallows and public policy," by David Brooks.
New York Times, 12/3/06. "Teaching the elephant," by David Brooks.


New York Times, 2/12/07. "Across the great divide: Investigating links between personality and politics," by Patricia Cohen.
Nature, 6/14/07. "The Depths of Disgust," by Dan Jones.
**New York Times, 9/18/07. “Is 'do unto others' written into our genes?” Front page article in Science section, by Nicholas Wade.
National Review Online, 9/21/07, Wired morality, by Jonah Goldberg. (Includes links to essays by Will Wilkinson, Ross Douthat, Andrew Sullivan, and Rod Dreher).
New York Times, 12/28/07. "The Sidney awards II," by David Brooks.



New York Times Magazine, 1/13/08. “The moral instinct,” by Steven Pinker.
New York Times Book Review, 2/3/08. "Morality studies," by Paul Bloom

Prospect Magazine (UK), April 2008. "The emerging moral psychology", by Dan Jones.

New York Times, 5/13/08. "The neural buddhists," by David Brooks

**Science, 5/9/08. "The roots of morality," by Greg Miller

New York Times, 9/11/08, "No laughing matter," by Judith Warner
Slate, 12/3/08. “Obama in your heart,” By Emily Yoffe


Nature, 2/12/09, "Human nature: The remix," by Dan Jones. [subscription or library account needed]
NBC Nightly News, 3/17/09, story on how people are doing good deeds during the recession

New York Times, 4/7/09. "The End of Philosophy," by David Brooks.

**Miller-McCune, April 2009, "Morals Authority," by Tom Jacobs. Reprinted in the Utne Reader, Sept. 2009.

New York Times, 5/27/09, "Would you slap your father? If so, you're a liberal," by Nicholas Kristoff

New York Times, 7/1/09, "When our brains short circuit," by Nicholas Kristoff

Scientific American, December 2009, "Political science: The psychological differences in the U.S.'s Red-Blue divide," by Michael Shermer



New Scientist, 1/16/10, "Five emotions you never knew you had." By Jessica Griggs

New York Times, 1/16/10, "Our basic human pleasures: Food, sex, and giving," by Nicholas Kristoff, 4/13/10, Happiness Hypothesis discussed by David Brooks as one of his five favorite books on neuroscience. [see also Emrys Westacott's choice of Happiness Hypothesis]

New York Times, 7/23/10. "The Moral Naturalists," by David Brooks., 7/27/10, "Jonathan Haidt on Happiness." (I discuss my five favorite books on happiness)., 8/11/10, "Why do you value your morals?" by Rod Dreher.

Boston Globe, 8/14/10, "Ewwwww! The surprising force of moral disgust," by Drake Bennett, 8/15/10, "Planet of the Durkheimians" discussed by Brink Lindsey as one of his five favorite books/articles on conservatism., 11/1/10, "Rising rancor: One nation, divisible by politics." by Stephanie Pappas.



**New York Times, 2/7/11, "Social Scientist Sees Bias Within," by John Tierney. This article generated a great deal of commentary and controversy; see here.

Washington Post, 4/26/11, "Obama, lost in thought," by Dana Milbank.

New York Times, 5/17/11. "Nice guys finish first," by David Brooks., "7 Rules for Making More Happiness." Designer Stefan Sagmeister illustrates several of the major points from The Happiness Hypothesis in a visually brilliant way.

Financial Times, 7/3/11, "US Fiscal Crisis is a Morality Play," by Clive Crook.
New York Times, 8/14/11, "The Elusive Big Idea," by Neal Gabler. (Mentioned as one of three big thinkers in the social sciences, along with Steve Pinker and Richard Dawkins)

New York Times, 11/13/11, "The Gulf of Morality," by Thomas Edsall.

The American Conservative, 11/13/11, "Moral foundations and loyalty", by Rod Dreher (about the Penn State sexual abuse scandal)
Scientific American (Blogs), 12/8/11, "Jonathan Haidt and the Moral Matrix." by Samuel McNerney.



New York Times, 1/15/12, "What the right gets right," by Thomas Edsall.

Chronicle of Higher Education, 1/29/12, Jonathan Haidt decodes the tribal psychology of politics, by Marc Parry.

Chronicle of Higher Education, 1/29/12, A Political Defector, by Marc Parry.

The Atlantic, 2/6/12, Conservatives are from Mars, Liberals are from Venus, by Tom Edsall.


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II) Here are some short pieces I have written for non-academic outlets:

III) Here are some talks I have given on politics and morality, available online:

  • Lecture on leadership and ethics (and hive psychology) at the University of Richmond, Donchian Symposium on the Ethical Challenges of Leadership, March 5, 2008
  • Lecture on moral psychology and cautions for scientists making policy prescriptions, given at the Beyond Belief III conference, La Jolla, Oct. 2008
  • A heated exchange at Beyond Belief III in which I challenge New Atheist Harold Kroto to stop his moralistic tribalism, his manichaean calls to the tribe of science to band together to fight the John Templeton foundation. I think such tribalism always damages scientific thining. Note his response -- he compares me to a Nazi collaborator, which is a pretty good indicator that he is being a manichaean hyper-moralist, not a scientist. Michael Shermer backs me up, although I felt that most of the audience at Beyond Belief sided with Kroto.
  • Panel discussion with David Brooks, Michael Gazzaniga, and Steven Quartz, on evolution and morality, March 4, 2009
  • **The Taste Analogy in Moral Psychology; Talk given at "The New Science of Morality," An Edge Seminar, Washington CT, July 21, 2010.
  • Podcast Interview at GreaterGood, on politics and emotion, and the differences between liberals and conservatives.
  • **The Bright Future of Post-Partisan Social Psychology, narrated powerpoint slides of a talk I gave at the annual meeting of SPSP, Jan 2011
  • Interview on NPR, Talk of the Nation (2/15/11) is here.
  • When Compassion Leads to Sacrilege: Why conservatives and liberals have such different beliefs about helping those in need. Lecture given at the Center for Compassion and Altruism Research, Stanford University, May 28, 2011.
  • Discussion with the Dalai Lama, on "Secular Ethics: Origins, Elements and Their Function in Society." University of Southern California, May 3, 2011. My presentation begins at 17:00. My two "debates" with the Dalai Lama begin at 53:20 (I ask him to reconsider his universalism, and suggest that parochialism can lead to more atlruisim) and 1:32:45 (I was surprised to hear him call himself a Marxist, and I asked if he would renoune Marxism if it turned out, empirically, that Marxism led inevitably to poverty, distrust, decaying institutions, and secret police forces. In response he made distinctions among Marxisms).
  • The Psychological Foundations of the American Culture War (or, how "liberal" became a dirty word). Aspen Ideas Festival, June 2011.
  • Interview with Cenk Uygur, The Young Turks, from Zuccotti Park, on the Occupy Wall Street movement. 10/17/11. Uygur makes a great point worth repeating: "I've had discussions with Tea Party leaders, saying 'you're worried that your government is bought, who do you think bought them?' Wall Street and Washington are in cahoots." Amen.
  • **Interview with Bill Moyers:

Interview with Bill Moyers, Feb 4, 2012 from

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IV) Here are some other talks and miscellaneous things:



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