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Courses I teach at NYU-Stern: 

--Professional Responsibility

--Work Wisdom and Happiness (Positive psychology)

Courses I used to teach at the University of Virginia

Here are the syllabi from a few other courses I have taught: 
Moral Development, Emotion and Culture, The Emotions, Cultural Psychology,
The Psychology of Morality and Politics (undergraduate lecture class taught at Princeton, Spring 2007)

Moral Psychology and the Law (co-taught at UVA Law School, Spring 2009)

Here is my philosophy of teaching

Here are some of my favorite books, which may be of interest to students

Here is some advice on how to study for exams in my Psych 101 class.  It may be useful to students in any lecture class.

If you are going to teach psych 101 and would like to get my powerpoint slides, please email me.  I’m happy to help anyone become a better psychology teacher, as long as you are not going to use them for any commercial purpose.

Here are some links for students interested in applying to graduate programs in psychology:
--PsychWeb, . SocialPsychologyNetwork,

Last updated July 24, 2010

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