This directory contains Minitab portable files representing the data sets analyzed in the book "A Casebook for a First Course in Statistics and Data Analysis," by Samprit Chatterjee, Mark S. Handcock and Jeffrey S. Simonoff, John Wiley and Sons, New York, 1995.

The portable files should be platform independent (i.e., read with the PORTABLE subcommand to RETRIEVE). They are readable by Minitab Version 8 and above.

Platform-dependent versions of the files can also be constructed from the ASCII files that come with the book by using the macro makechs.MTB. Before the macro is EXECUTEd a file editor must be used to translate the missing value code from an "M" to the "*" used by Minitab. The files that need to be edited are adopt.dat, liinc.dat, prdq.dat, sex.dat, subway.dat, vine3.dat, and whale.dat.

A single "shar" file containing all of the files is also available here. It can be unpacked to reproduce a directory containing the complete set of platform independent data files using the UNIX command "sh".

Description of data sources, and further information about the data sets, can be found in the "Descriptions of the data files" section of the book. A Postscript file describing how to obtain all of the plots and statistics in the Casebook using Minitab version 11 for Windows is available here.

The files are here.