Welcome to the Web site for the book Smoothing Methods in Statistics, published by Springer-Verlag in 1996 as part of the Springer Series in Statistics. This site allows access to the data sets used in the book, S-PLUS code to construct the figures in the book, updated information on the computational issues discussed in the book, an errata list, and a list of updated references. I would be very happy to receive comments on this site, and on the book itself.

The book is now in a second printing, which affects listings under "Updates on computational issues" and "Errata and updated references." To tell if you have the second printing, look on the bottom of page iv (immediately after the title page). The second printing includes the statement "(Corrected second printing, 1998)."

A Japanese translation of the book is available from the publisher Norin-Tokei-Kyuokai. Click here for more information.

Click here to see the cover of the reprint of the book available only in the People's Republic of China.

  • Data sets used in the book
  • S-PLUS code to construct the figures in the book
  • Updates on computational issues
  • Errata and updated references

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