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Hello, everyone. It has been a very long time since I have updated this little website of mine. I'm sorry for ignoring it for so long. I will pay a bit more attention to it.

Not that you should expect some revolutionary work here... far from it. The Daily Doses that I used to place here have continued for a while, first on Xanga, and later on LiveJournal. Of course I started all of this previous to the boom of the whole Blog trends, but the entire Internet Journal idea has caught on fairly quickly and there are many tools that make it much easier to update than the sluggish old Dreamweaver updates.

Still, it's nice to have a little layout that is pleasant on the eye, and doesn't have something stick out like the blatant 2001 on the header that preceded this update. In fact, if you'll notice in the last of the Daily Doses, my entries stopped somewhere around October 2001, which was shortly after September 11th. We all know what happened then. And being in New York, well, you get the idea.

Anyway, if you'd like a closer examination of my personal life, I suppose you should read up on the LiveJournal. It's probably the most updated item. As always, I write my rants and raves, my personal events, and the usual blogs. It's not quite the same structure as my Daily Dose of John Rhee's, but it's much simpler to update, and it's really not a bad site. Not bad at all. Meanwhile, enjoy this site as a recollection of my embarassing past, as I feel it's more worthwhile to leave this stuff online and embarass myself for the sake of other people's entertainment rather than to take it down like a certain someone has...

If you are here for professional reasons (which I highly doubt, considering the lack of publicity that I give this site, but stranger things have happened) please e-mail me for a more updated version of my qualifications. Thank you.